Thursday, 30 April 2009

Week 7

Weather looks a bit over cast, but with wee sunny spells:~)

Have to brag today of the beautiful bluebells in the woods most of them out


Today, as it was a small group we decided to plant potatoes. Redskin, Fortyfold, and Shetland black, only heard of redskin so it will be good to see how the other varieties grow:~)

We also created a wild flower bed, raked the ground first and sprinkled seeds to attract bees and butterflies.

Good days work done today :~) Woo Hoo ( even though enthusiasm was lacking thin after tea by myself)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

week 6

Another nice day:~) it must be spring. Today we welcome a new member of the green gym:~) We were also joined by BTCV Ayr Group who were creating the path for the wheelchair access, guys your doing a great job.

The others were doing a wee bit of digging, sawing wood to fit onto raised bed and hamering. Raised bed almost complete just need the compost to fill it.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

week 5

Wow what a day, the sun splitting the sky:~)
No volunteers turned up today:~( so Fiona and I took this opportunity to talk about the green gym stuff, drink tea and eat biscuits :~)

week 4

Good day today:~) weather going to be showers.
Today we marked out the paths for wheelchair access, and BTCV brought the stones, great work put in by the volunteers:~)
Posts have been put in for the L shape raised bed things starting to take shape.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

week 3

Weather a bit grey and cloudy:~/
Nevertheless out with the spades and forks and back to the slog of digging the 2 allotment plots, what a task.
Towards the end of the session flying overhead was 4 buzzards :~) what a great moment, all paused for that moment.
Lots of wildlife about, including the common woodpecker which we all can hear but never see. Fullerton woods is a great site for all sorts of activities:~)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Week 2

Weather on our side today:~)

More digging, trying to establish where to put raised beds and what kind of veggies and flowers to grow.

Many thanks to all volunteers who turned up to help

Welcome to the blog site of TASC (Troon Allotment Society Community) Green Gym.

TASC Green Gym launched officially on 11 March 2009, the first in Scotland to be run by volunteers.Green gym sessions run on Wednesday 11am - 2pm a Fullerton Woods, Troon.

Week 1

Launch day, weather a wee bit cloudy but we were enthusiastic. With the warm up exercises done we got down to the big task of digging over the soil.
Stopped for lunch and most important tea and cake, Fiona had made chocolate and beetroot cake it was so gooey and delicious, she also made carrot cake which I didnt get any( boo hoo) everybody said it was fabulous.
After lunch back to digging, (helps burn off the calories from the cake).
Ended the session will cool down exersises, great effort put in by everybody.
Many thanks for everyone who turned up